About Tsao Sheng

  • Nano Technology, Second to None
    Nino micro-crystal mortar is a inorganic waterproof material, industry leading technology
  • Professional Construction, House-Call Service
    Dedicated team for free quotations, professional implementation, House-Call services to the entire country
  • Excellent Results, Solid Reputation
    Since the establishment of our company, we have completed numerous waterproof, waterproof, and leakproof projects with solid reputations.
  • Trustworthy Implementation, Long-term Warranty
    Five-year warranty, excluding natural disasters or damages caused by force majeure

    The Nino Micro-Crystal Waterproof Mortar that we have developed is one of the most effective solutions to waterproof a structure today. Using inorganic waterproof aggregate imported from the EU, it will not deteriorate in quality after the project has been completed, it is easy to work with, and it will bring you peace of mind easily. Just mix Nino micro-crystal waterproof mortar with water to have priming, finish, and waterproof completed at a time. There is no special expertise required that it can save time and effort compared with traditional cement work.

    Current waterproof materials on the market are mostly organic (using resin as the waterproof layer) which have shortcomings such as being not able to cope with back pressure or anti-UV requirements, tedious work, short lifespan, performance decline, and being not suitable for patching, etc. However, Nino micro-crystal waterproof mortar does not have these deficiencies, it will never decline in its performance (age) and can actually increase structural strength that the pressure resistance of such product can be as high as 5000 lbs+, water penetration resistance can be up to 14 kg (equivalent to the pressure of 10 meters under sea level), and it can 100% bond with the structure to from a one-piece integration.

    As wall cancer and leaky basement are big headaches for most people, and at that time there was no product on the market which could eradicate such problems, the company has specifically imported micro-crystal aggregate from the USA to formulate this Nino micro-crystal waterproof and corrosion resistant mortar.

    The nano inorganic molecule formula can effectively correct the annoying wall cancer and leak problems. Once restored and smoothed out, your problem is solved and will never come back again. It is easy to work with, featuring for short time frame, and it is 100% effective in waterproofing and wall cancer prevention. Good material does not need complex procedures, a regular plastering technician can implement smoothly. Priming, finish, and waterproof works are done at a time! It is ideal for the waterproof applications on basements, rooftops, bathrooms, pools, tanks, ponds, tunnels, etc. No matter it is for the preventative measures of new projects, improvements of existing buildings, it is amazingly long lasting, and it can effectively get your annoying problems and loss away.


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