Complete Waterproofing Solutions

  • 1. Definition:

    Complete coverage, key to damage prevention


  • 2. When to begin waterproofing during construction?

    Ordinary waterproofing is done by looking for a specialist contractor after a structure has been completed. However, effective waterproofing should start in the design stage, layering in various techniques for different areas according to their functions, otherwise some portion of the structure might be impossible to be protected after structure completion due to lack of space or access, creating a blind spot for moisture to gain access.

  • This is why we always remind consumers that before you purchase or even pre-order a property, you need to make sure the builder has completed and planned for long term waterproofing solutions, otherwise it is often impossible to fix the waterproofing problem after construction. Even if you have ask the builder to provide long term guarantees, that still may not bring you peace of mind.
    Waterproofing needs to be considered in the planning stage to have long-lasting effect.

  • // Taken from Waterproof Technical Association R.O.C. //


  • 3. Waterproofing project samples

    Miaoli Onsen Papawaqa Hot Spring Resort




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