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Answer: There are many solutions on the market regarding wall cancer: Injections, Anti-Damage Paint, Sprays, etc. Although all claim to be effective and easily applied, they mostly provide cosmetic repairs rather than systematic cures, and are only effective for 1 to 2 years, with problems reoccurring. Instead of doing it again and again, why not choose a permanent solution according to the experts? It is best to demolish the wall cancer for permanent cure.

Answer: Waterproofing materials on the market are usually made with organic materials, and are subject to lifespans that are good for 1-2 years. Going for the easy fix that requires repeated processing will cost way more time and money than one-time permanent solution.

Answer: Reworking the problematic outer wall is usually the best solution. However, because patching a finished project is difficult, we normally have to take the next best solution and work on the inside. Therefore, it is important to select good materials.

Answer: If you suspect your neighbor's unit is leaking, it may be inconvenient to ask them to work on the problem and cause friction, and it may be prudent to work on your own side.

Answer: In terms of a container, the surface in direct contact with the water is termed positive pressure or positive surface, the outside is the back surface. In terms of a basement, the outside wall is in contact with the dirt and ground water, so the outside is termed positive surface or positive pressure, the inside wall of a basement is termed back surface, back pressure.

Answer: Nino mortar is composed of a mix of micro-crystal aggregates extracted from volcanic ashes, silica sands, and cement. It has been tested and confirmed to be non-toxic, and is not a public hazard. All used and demolished Nino mortar materials could be disposed of as regular soil.

Answer: In simple terms, does it have life? The organic materials have lifespans, while the inorganic ones are permanent materials. An easy test is to burn the material over fire, materials that char are considered organic.
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