Brand Story

  • In the Beginning
    General Manager Je-Wei Tsao, the founder of Tsao Sheng Technology Building Materials Co., Ltd., entered the construction industry in 1982. At that time Taiwan’s economy was booming and all industries were flourishing. After countless projects GM Tsao noticed a bottleneck that traditional material industry had faced with - leaks. He thus began to search around and look for new materials. Luck would have it, a kind of European waterproofing material happened to be intended to expand to the Taiwanese market that the manufacturer needed a local agent for promotions, and that was how the Nino micro-crystal waterproof mortar story got started.
  • Personal Experience, Carefully Tested
    Although the happiness from finding this new building material is no less than the discovery of new continent, GM Tsao remained cautious to proceed. Even though the developer in Europe spoke highly of this material, when faced with unfamiliar product, GM Tsao decided to test this product himself. He found a few carbon fiber boards at home and applied this new 100% waterproof material to their surfaces to built a large aquarium and tested by soaking the materials into water for effectiveness day and night continuously.

    Other than doing experiments himself, he found helps from various big laboratories for many tests to confirm the waterproofing effectiveness of this new material. After 3 years of experiments, GM Tsao was finally satisfied that he allowed this material to be used on actual projects and named it Nino Micro-Crystal Waterproof Mortar.
  • Dedicated to Promotions, and Followed with Great Success Everywhere
    Tsao Sheng Technology started widely promoting this new material in 2001. It did take lots of efforts and time to promote such a unfamiliar material and make customers in the traditional construction industry to accept it.

    Although the initial rollout was not as smooth as expected, good product like it did withstand the test of time eventually. GM Tsao's hard work and dedication have finally convinced some industry peers to start utilizing Nino micro-crystal mortar. The trial started with Onsen Papawaqa Hot Spring Resort, Hmulan Motel, Hung's Mansion, etc., and many large projects have followed to use Nino micro-crystal mortar one project after another. With good word of mouth, Nino micro-crystal mortar began to make headways in the industry accordingly.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit with Continual R&D
    A business is sustained by renewing itself to conform to the market. Tsao Sheng Technology Building Materials Co., Ltd. puts customer service first, and it never stops to enhance products and give customers with even better service quality and living environment. At Tsao Sheng we always strive for something better!
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