Guaranteed to repair wall cancer

  • 1. What causes wall cancer?

    Taiwan has tropical island climate with high temperature and humidity. We may see white and furry fungus growing on many cement walls covered with wallpaper or paint, causing unsightly cracks and flaking off the wallpaper or paint layer in sections. This condition is almost impossible to get rid of, like a particularly difficult disease, causing it to be colloquially known as "wall mold (wall cancer)".

    Wall cancer results from cement walls being invaded by moisture. The crystalized carbonate (calcium carbonate in particular) is formed (white furry materials seen) from a acid-base neutralization process when moisture passes through cement cracks. When these minerals build up on the surface, wall surface coating will bubble, puff up, crack, or flake away. Therefore moisture is the real culprit of the wall cancer.

  • 2. The effects of wall cancer

    Recent studies have shown that wall cancer is not only detrimental to structures, it also affects the health of its residents, making wall cancer a serious condition that needs to be dealt with post haste. Liberty Times [Tues. 2006/09/26] Page A10 reported "Fungi spores causes asthma in children". If the house is found to have wall cancer, the risk of having allergic reactions are elevated, with Asthma rate 1.6 time normal, and Atopic Dermatitis rate 2.3 times normal.

    The vice director of Taiwan EPA Testing Laboratory stated (paraphrased): Wall cancer will damage structures, furniture, clothing, causes fungal growth, poisoning, and infections such as athlete's foot, and allergic reactions such as bronchial asthma, hives, allergic rhinitis, conjunctivitis, keratitis, dermatitis, and upset stomach.

  • 3. Why this material is an effective cure for wall cancer

    As we can see, wall cancer is caused by moisture in walls. The ordinary solutions available on the market are to apply a anti-wall-cancer paint coating, injection or to apply a layer of chemical compoud that do not solve the underlying issue which causes future flare ups. The optimal solution is to demolish and rebuild the wall. The ordinary waterproofing materials on the market such as wall cancer paint or chemical compound are mostly made with organic materials that only corrects the symptoms, and will lose their effectiveness in 2-3 years.

    As it normally cost a lot of money to complete a rebuild job, we have developed the "Nino micro-crystal waterproof and corrosion resistant mortar" to satisfy this need. This Nano-inorganic formula can treat the root cause of wall cancer, and its waterproofing effect has been tested and verified by National Taiwanese Ocean University and National Chung Hsing University. The lab reports of these tests are available upon request.

  • 4. References of wall cancer projects

    Long term wall cancer caused by leaks, fixed with micro-crystal mortar






    (Completed in 2006)

    Severe wall cancer issues caused by humid weather in Taiwan







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