Partial Leakproofing

  • 1. Partial Leakproofing

    Spot treatment, patching problems that showed up


  • 2. Waterproofing should not be overlooked

    There is a Taiwanese saying that a leaking house is a house that makes a home! However, it will be such a major headache when we are faced with any leakage problem inside our houses. Building areas such as building rooftops, rooftop gardens, pools, tanks, and basements may leak easily if waterproofing has not been carefully planned and implemented. It is important to carefully select the patching materials for any junctures in these areas. If any inferior materials are used for convenience, the problem may resurface in 2-3 years, costing more money and headaches down the line. Our Nino waterproofing mortar thoroughly patches leaks, shortens construction time frame, and effectively provides you with peace of mind.


  • 3. References of leakproofing projects

    Feng Chia Ballads 1992 building rooftop project




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